Herbal Skincare Products

BeYOUthentic's Herbal Skin Cream formulas have amazing aromas, with a luxurious feel, yet light and easily absorbed.

They are professionally and mindfully crafted to provide maximum skin & mood support.

Formulated with ingredients known to provide skin hydration & protection, soften the skin, repair damaged skin, promote new skin cells, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, increase collagen production, boost antioxidant power, and cleanse & brighten the skin.

Made with homemade Organic herbal infused oils, plant butters & all-natural vegan preservatives,

Therapeutic-grade Essential oils & hydrosols, and Flower essences are added for multi-level healing support.

Packaged in pump bottles for extra safety and protection from harmful bacteria that can develop from putting your fingers in a jar.

Recyclable Glass bottles & recyclable packaging.

Biodegradable packing peanuts

To use:

Shake well. Pump a small amount into palms and rub together, inhale the aroma.

Apply lovingly where needed! 💚 (Avoid contact with eyes.)

Herbal Skincare

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